Why I do (and love!) what I do:: A little about me!

So why do I do and love what I do? Well...long story short...because its important!  Yes a life of snuggling and playing with babies is fun...but I assure you it's SO. MUCH. MORE.

As a mama myself, I know birth! In all its beautiful, crazy exciting, roller coaster of emotions, glory. I know recovery... I know sleepless nights.... I feel like I was just yesterday I was in the middle of it all! While it was exhausting and overwhelming...it was amazing! My sweet little Lincoln is almost 9 months old now and its unreal how quickly it has all happend. I know EVERYONE tried to warn me about "how fast it goes" but its not until I was in it, and it was happening to me that I truly understood! Im so thankful for the images I have of Lincoln. Even though taking them myself was no easy task! Recovery after 9+ pounder is all sorts of interesting! But I'm so glad I did it. Those images mean everything to me!

So believe me when I say, getting yourself out the door on day 8 can be a struggle. But I promise you...it's worth it! Come in your PJ's...come with your hair unwashed... just come! Lets get these memories documented. Lets create something that can only be created once! 

Here is my sweet little lincoln at 6 weeks... this video is all sorts of special to me because 1. OH MY GOODNESS HE IS SO SMALL AND I WANT TO SNUGGLE HIS SWEET SQUISHY'NESS. 2. The images from this session never got printed (I take a lot of photos...and keeping up the printing can be a struggle!). Anywho...long sad story short, the hard drive they were on bit the dust and this is all I have to reminder this adorable 6 week milestone! #printyourpictures #itsimportant