Why I do (and love!) what I do:: A little about me!

So why do I do and love what I do? Well...long story short...because its important!  Yes a life of snuggling and playing with babies is fun...but I assure you it's SO. MUCH. MORE.

As a mama myself, I know birth! In all its beautiful, crazy exciting, roller coaster of emotions, glory. I know recovery... I know sleepless nights.... I feel like I was just yesterday I was in the middle of it all! While it was exhausting and overwhelming...it was amazing! My sweet little Lincoln is almost 9 months old now and its unreal how quickly it has all happend. I know EVERYONE tried to warn me about "how fast it goes" but its not until I was in it, and it was happening to me that I truly understood! Im so thankful for the images I have of Lincoln. Even though taking them myself was no easy task! Recovery after 9+ pounder is all sorts of interesting! But I'm so glad I did it. Those images mean everything to me!

So believe me when I say, getting yourself out the door on day 8 can be a struggle. But I promise you...it's worth it! Come in your PJ's...come with your hair unwashed... just come! Lets get these memories documented. Lets create something that can only be created once! 

Here is my sweet little lincoln at 6 weeks... this video is all sorts of special to me because 1. OH MY GOODNESS HE IS SO SMALL AND I WANT TO SNUGGLE HIS SWEET SQUISHY'NESS. 2. The images from this session never got printed (I take a lot of photos...and keeping up the printing can be a struggle!). Anywho...long sad story short, the hard drive they were on bit the dust and this is all I have to reminder this adorable 6 week milestone! #printyourpictures #itsimportant

Living on a cloud: Fairhope, AL Family portrait photographer

Hi, I'm Stephanie. Fairhope AL newborn, child, and family photographer. 

You know that one wall you have in your home, the one you've been meaning to put something on for the past...oh...idk... 5 years? Well guess what? The time has come to give it purpose! Imagine walking into that space and being able to completely ignore the scattered toys or dishes in the sink and seeing your family! Your amazing, happy, loved ones in all their beutiful'ness hanging on your wall!

Photos are meant to be seen (Don't let the cloud fool you)! Your family will only be this way for a moment... and its an amazing moment! So lets get it captured...and displayed!

Contact me today and lets talk about how I can take the trouble and confusion out of printing your own photos! And how I can provide you with professional, heirloom quality artwork for your walls almost immediately after your session! #instantgratification!


Studio Maternity Session:: Daphne Portrait Studio

I have a new obsession...Maternity session's in-studio! Why are studio maternity sessions so amazing? Well... 1. They are gorgeous. 2. They are great for the mama who is expecting any time even close to summer, when Alabama has reached the peak of its hot and sweaty glory (Also, equally awesome, for the mama due in winter when its straight up freezing outside!) 4. Mamas who choose a studio maternity session, have access to my collection of neutral, and oh so pretty, maternity dresses... so no need to worry about what to wear! woop woop! And Lastly... They are gorgeous! (oh wait...did I say that already?!) 

Check out the highlights from this gorgeous mama's sweet studio maternity session! Seriously so much love for that precious little bump! Can't wait to meet that sweet nugget in just a few short weeks! :) 


Family Fun:: Mobile, AL Portrait Photography

I just can't wait for spring! (so much in fact I feel the need to do a throwback blog post about it!) Nothing beats Alabama in the spring... Everything literally comes back to life! Things bloom, the weather is amazing, and it's the perfect time to get outside and capture some amazing family photos! This session in particular screams spring!!! And its one of my absolute favorites! 

Big Sister Love :: Fairhope, Al Newborn Photographer

I think the number one requested pose I get from parents is my classic "shot from above" sibling pose. And let me tell you...I'm always excited to make that shot happen! Though not always the easiest feat (2 under 2 comes to mind! lol) it's always worth it! 

Check out of a few of my favorites from Kinzley's newborn session! 

Expecting a little one of your own! Contact me today to reserve your due date! 

Newborn Photography Studio: Daphne, AL.

If we haven't already met...I'm Stephanie! A newborn photographer serving Fairhope, Alabama and surrounding areas.

I met these sweet people about 18 months ago when they brought their first little boy Jacob to my studio as a newborn. What a fun surprise it was when I heard from them a few months ago ready to book another newborn session! Watching how quickly families grow and change is so amazing....even more amazing is being able to capture these moments and preserve them forever! ;) Because seriously...they are only this small for such a short little while. (A phrase every pregnant mom hears like 100000x. But seriously once they are here...you will see! It's crazy...and kind of sad...how quickly your little one will change!)

Are you expecting a little one? Interested in booking a session? Pop on over to my contact page and shoot me a message! Id love to know more about you and your family!

My Favorite moment:: Fairhope, Al newborn photographer

 If we haven't already met...I'm Stephanie! A newborn photographer serving Fairhope, Alabama and surrounding areas.

I have so many favorite moments during my newborn sessions; Watching dads get peed on for the first time, snuggling and rocking these sweet squishes to sleep, creating amazing images I know parents will cherish forever, etc. But I think my absolute favorite, most anticipated moment, is when mom turns the car seat towards me, and I see your beautiful baby for the first time! There is nothing more amazing than a brand new baby! Seeing those sweet, unique, one of a kind details, that make your baby who they are is my favorite moment hands down! So you can imagine how excited I was when Miss Evelyn waltzed into my studio! I mean really?! That hair and those cheeks are EVERYTHING! And she was an absolute dream to photograph! Isn't she just adorable?

Lets just take a moment to love on sweet Evelyn and that hair...and those cheeks! 

So many expressions for one tiny little nugget! I absolutely love these sequence photos! It makes my heart happy knowing mama will be able to cherish each and every one of those images in one of my heirloom albums! 


Are you expecting a little one? Interested in booking a session? Pop on over to my contact page and shoot me a message! Id love to know more about you and your family!


Baby Kacey:: Fairhope, AL Newborn Portrait Photography

Sometimes I get back to my computer after a session...load my images... and BAM!!!! A moment I didn't even realized happened! This image below was that amazing moment! Words can't even describe! The session as a whole was pretty darn awesome also! Here are a few of my favorites!

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Sweet family of 3:: Fairhope, AL family portrait photographer

I couldn't have been more flattered when this mama reached out to me to photograph her family! Not only are they the most adorable people on the planet, but Andie is an amazing photographer herself! Being trusted with another photographers family is such an honor and I just can't get over how beautiful these people are inside and out! 

If your family is in need of updated portraits I'd love to chat! Contact me today, and lets begin planning something amazing!

Outdoor Maternity Session:: Fairhope AL Maternity Photography

Even though this mama had quite a few weeks left until her due date...her little man had other plans! Just 7 days after our maternity session, and 6 weeks early, Lacey welcomed little John River into the world!  I'm so thankful we squeaked this gorgeous session in! The quiet moments, before a mama meets her baby, are so incredibly special... It's always an honor being able to photograph a maternity portrait session.

Expecting your own little one? Contact me today and lets begin planning something amazing!