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What is birth photography?

Birth Photography is truly something special. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to capture an incredible moment in time. Welcoming new life into this world is nothing short of amazing, and sadly most of us hardly remember the moment! While we typically remember bits and pieces, birth photography allows your birth story to be told and remembered. Shot with artistic composition, and a unique story telling perspective your birth story is sure to be something you will want to look back on and remember. 


Why hire a professional birth photographer?

You've wait 9 long months for this moment (and sometimes MUCH longer), It's moment so anticipated, so monumental! But as quickly as it will go. And if your anything like me, you will hardly even remember it! Those emotions you feel after birth are truly incredible, imagine being able to bottle that up and feel it again over and over!  If being able to relive that moment and those feelings speaks to you, I urge you to consider hiring a professional birth photographer. While I'm sure your partner, mom, or sister would be happy to take a picture or two, I promise, that leaving the photography to a trained professional will not only yield images you will absolutely love and want to look at later on, but will also allow your loved ones to enjoy the miracle that is taking place. Let your husband, mom, sister, or whoever is with you, just be there experiencing it all with you as the loved one they are...and not as a photographer. 


"Birth is awesome, but I don't really want a camera down there!"

I've heard every variation of this statement! And I totally can understand the hesitation! But I assure you, once you have seen all that a birth session can offer, you will quickly realize birth photography is so much more then just a baby coming out! It's the anticipation, the emotion, yes, its the birth itself, but its also the tears of joy on everyone's face after, the first moments together as a family and so much more!  Upon booking a birth session we will meet up to get to know each other, talk about whats important to you, discuss your birth plan and vision! Whether you want your birth shot with extreme modesty, or you want to remember every detail of how your baby entered this world, your birth story is customized to your liking. 


How does the actual birth day work? 

Its all made possible by being on call for you from 38-42 weeks. I am sure to be within an hours reach of your delivery hospital at all times during that period. As your due date approaches we will be in contact about how you are progressing. Once official signs of labor have begun, I ask that clients call/text me, or have someone delegated to do so! While every birth is different, you can expect me to arrive when you are around 7 cm and stay till you are in recovery. This could be 3 hours...or it could be 23 hours! :) 


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